Rabu, Disember 26, 2012

A Tale Of A Father To Be ~~

Assalamualaikum semua,

Lately I’ve been reading many blogs and surfing few web pages particularly on pregnancy and baby stuffs, moms stuff etc…. some blogger even share theirs sweet stories and experience during pregnancy.
Most of the blogger were a mother to be of course, so I wonder why there is no husband who care enough to share their side of story. Hence, today allow me to share my own experience during my wife pregnancy. Alhamdulillah she is now  into her 3rd trimester.
Trailing back, it was about 6 months ago when we were 1st knowing about our little fetus. Similar to any other parents, we were tremendously happy of course! Grateful and excited....
The following day, I bought a book entitled “Diari Ibu Hamil” which printed by Telaga Biru Publication. I was aiming for the book even before I get married actually, I’ve planned that I must buy the book when my wife gets pregnant….and therefore I did. I remember that I was in training that day and I wasn’t pay any attention to the trainer at all because I was busy reading the book. It was really useful and helpful as a basic guide to all parents to be like us…the content was easy to comprehend and it helps us to track our fetus development week by week in each trimester…..

soon....time flies extremely fast, my wife started having her morning sickness and was hardly trying to adapt with it. For me, okay i must admit that i am not exposed to do house work. Apepun since wifey asyik pening and muntah2 je maka i have to la rajin2 kan diri memasak, kemas rumah sikit2 and cubalah lipat kain baju etc. Time tu bulan puasa so cabarannya lebih sikit, harap2 ganjarannya pun lebih sikit :)

Alhamdulillah, masuk 2nd trimester wifey had getting better. Most of keje rumah now been handle by wifey as she usually does. For me plak, I've started browsing2 nama baby...for 1st baby ni i decided to use my veto power in which i enjoy absolute right to choose our baby name. 1 of the book that i read "Panduan Memberi Nama Anak Cara Islam" - what i can recall ;

1. Asmaul Husna - tapi mesti ada Abdul atau Muhammad
2. Nama2 Nabi
3. Nama2 sahabat dan para anbiya
4. Nama2 yg short and has positive meaning
5. Nama2 yg unik

semua pun tahu that sunat utk menamakan anak pada hari ke 7 dan sekaligus di Aqiqah kan. Ramai jugak yg cukur rambut, ditimbang dan dinilaikan dgn emas utk sedekah, tapi menurut Ust Zul itu bukan amalan sunat. Sempat gak aku belajar how to perform "tahnik" and i learnt that sunat meangazankan anak di telinga kanan while Iqamah di telinga kiri. Ada hadis Nabi yg sahih about it. so wht we used to understand was baby boy azan and baby girl iqamah is not actually correct.

Masuk 3rd trimester, both of us are crazy shopping the baby stuff hahaha....at 1st tu shopping kat store la. Later we learnt that shopping online is much cheaper and the variety is wider. Banyak nak kena beli utk bersalin, post natal, feeding, bed, baju2 dia and the list is just know no period.

antara baju2 and kelengkapan baby yg kami sempat beli....pd new parents tu be carefull ek, baju baby cute and u tend to main beli je...bukan boleh pakai lama huhu. (jgn ambil bakul time shopping)

Breast pump nih cost half thousand tau, oke aku x pernah ada anak so to me its shocking. Ada few more brands in market, price range tak beza jauh...is just a matter of preference lah.

comel kan? this is skip hop zoo bag yg super duper cute! beli online about RM 38 je. Tp kalo refer to its original web store, price USD 20. x sure la version tht we bought ni ori ke x...tp tag dia sama je, i suspect dia ori tp reject version. ala2 beli beg coach online la....much cheaper n yet still ori hihi

kelmarin beli baby rocker ni pulak, retail price RM 300++ tapi beli online dapat RM 180 je. seriously lah kalo duk surfing je x sedar duit dlm bank dh habes !

 as of today, almost 80% of baby stuff is ready. Last nite we were having majlis solat hajat, praying for wifey and baby so that both will be okay in the labor room nanti....

oh ha! we have also visited few Hospitals, saje lah to usha2 which hospital suit our requirement the best and yet we haven't decided which 1 to choose between Pusat Rawatan Keluarga Islam or Kuantan Medical Centre.

I believe that all parents are just like us, all fathers are just as happily excited as me.......still counting days and i pray hard that i will live long enough to see my baby.

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