Jumaat, April 12, 2013

Abu Hana

How can I resist this?
Assalamualaikum semua n good day all...

Alhamdulillah, harini genap 40 hari memegang title AYAH! A life changing experience where one cannot buy. 

Being Abu Hana is the ultimate test to my passion and love. Surely the story is similar with any other parents, when she cries...i feel like I want to cry too. Because in most occasion, I utterly have no clue WHY? Why is she crying?? We feed her, changed her diapers, clothes, give medicine, went to a  specialist, tried some islamic medication and do almost anything people suggest us to do and yet she is still crying. So we concluded that is just her nature. Baby cries.

one great thing about being a father ni, you will certainly appreciate your parents a lot better. Now you will understand reason behind every single protections that they used to imposed on us before, its all done in a good deed. But of course lah our parents did not have any luxury to attend parenting class etc so their approach might be a bit radical but surely effective heee

I must admit lah Hana is my current obsession! I can spend my whole day sit and do nothing but just starring at her mini tiny little cutie face. I also love to snap her in action, she is damn cute at least to me and I just want to ensure every moment of her is well captured and kept. So that when she grow up she will understand how much joy she had brought into our happy life. 

Thanks Hana!
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