Ahad, Februari 02, 2014

KL Bird Park


Tetiba aktif pula berblogging, harini nak share my 1st time experience visiting KL Bird Park. Actually dari kecik arwah maklong selalu bw jln2 area lake garden, national monument, national mosque ni semua tapi tak pernah masuk taman burung n taman2 lain di sekitar yg berbayar heee.

Now dh ada anak rasa tertarik nak pergi utk dekatkan anak pd nature kononnya. To those yg tak familiar with its location, just look for planetarium negara or memorial Tun Razak. To me these two are the nearest place to the park, i even parked my car at the memorial. We talk later about it.

The park!  Really hugeee and infact world largest!  Proud to be Malaysian haha. Most area covered by a gigantic net making the area as the largest bird nest on earth, perhaps hehe.

For us Malaysian, we need to pay RM 25 for adult and RM 15 for kids. While for foreigner, they need to pay RM 48 for adult...sorry folks! Its open daily from 9 am till 6 pm.

It has several showcases, but we were only managed to catch parrot show at the amphitheater at 1230 noon. Only twice per day.

For birds lover, u gusy will surely enjoy it. For me...i enjoyed my experience, so many types of birds which most of them I've never seen.

The area is large enough to make u tired and thus pls bring along mineral water and u kids stroller! Which we did not.

Gift shop pun ada, price is quite ok and so many cutie birdie merchandises. There's also a restaurant named hornbill restaurant and cafe which also covered under the net so that u can still watch the birds fly freely within that net. The foods were tasty but a bit pricey to my pocket...

Last we visited the memorial as well since our car was there. Very beautiful building, architecally. Used to be official resident of the late Tun Razak while he was in service as prime minister. Strategic place to visit after the park bcoz it is fully air conditioned. Nice place to catch ur breath after hours of walking.

So next time u r free, pls visit the place.

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