Rabu, September 23, 2015

Review Kinohimitsu Men Collagen


Disclaimer: this review is based on my personal expirience in consuming the product. Other people may have different result depending on your body.

Last time i was using progym. I swithced to kino and hoping for better result bcoz it is pricey.

Taste is better than progym...i love it actually. No irritating smell as well. Packed nicely and halal.

I bought my 1st box and i did not get result that i wanted. I gave second chance by buying 2nd box but still the same poor result. So i decided stop using it instead.

My general observation with collagen drinks...it only work well should you pair it with healthy lifestyle. You have to control your diet, your sleep and use proper facial care product.....else no use. So better still i use the same amount of money to do facial haha... .

Thats it from me!


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