Sabtu, Jun 27, 2015

Review Progyms Men's collagen drink


Just to share short review about Progym Men's collagen drink that i'm currently consume.

Btw to me yes we man also do need to consume supplements, vitamins and collagen when necessary. Its not about beauty like women mostly concern about. Its about maintaining our body health and youthness. Thats all.

On box, Progyms does offer good package for a man. Not only for face and skin, it also helps to reduce cholestrol and enhance your inner body wellness.

Price wise, its the cheapest in market for its kind of product. I do not compare it with powder base collagen drink because i am lazy to mix powder with water...shaking and etc.

Progym is ready to drink and hence is saving your time. Bottled in glass and properly sealed...clean and halal. I bought it tru Lazada for cheaper price than in store.

Depending on our body i guess, the effect on mine is not really glaring at the moment. I must say it has some positive effect. Scar on my face gradually vanish but not at the pace that i wish for. New pimple still pop up when i eat sumting i shud not it does not fully stop pimple if you do not take care of your eating habit.

Do i look younger? That actually does not bother me much. But...i do feel that my face skin complexity has become better. Rejuvenated in short.

Taste wise...not so bad but not tasty also. Though the name sounds like japanese product...progym shinzu. It is actually malaysian brand with japanese technology.

For maintenance purpose, i decided to continue drink it but i bought another brand this time....Kinohimitsu. Just to try and give my body new type of collagen...haha

Nex time i write about Kinohimitsu...


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