Ahad, Oktober 11, 2015

Product review: Alpecin Hair Shampoo

Disclaimer: this review is purely made based on my personal expirience without any intention to vanish the discussed product reputation.
Alpecin shampoo is meant for hair fall control. It has 2 types. The one i bought is the enhanced version with double effect which also to control dandruft.
Price is a lot pricey comparing to normal brand like Head n Shoulder or Dove. It was about RM 40++.
Smell nicely and well packed in a firm hi end plastics bottle. Mine is red in color. Details about it you can google as it is widely available.
I was and still actively using it almost daily as recommended for almost about a month. I notice no positive effect, my hair fall as before i am using it. Dandruft is not really my problem hence no observation on that.
Feel free to have it a try by yourself...
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