Khamis, November 05, 2015

Go ASEAN: Kawah Putih Bandung

Must visit destination in Bandung!
Thats how i want to describe this superly amazing natural attraction place.
Kawah Putih located far from Bandung city. 2 hours plus drive with not so convinience road condition. Especially along the hilly, bumpy and narrow road as we approaching the area. Imagine road to cameron highland with longer distance and narrow lane.
Entrance fee is reasonable but need to be bought earlier at the ticket agent...according to my supir. It was about 100 rupiah per pax.
It also provides shuttle van from down hill to top which i strongly do not recommend. The van were in poor form and the drivers were all dare to die. They drive like in F1 racing despite the road condition.
This place is cooler than tangkuban perahu perhaps because of its latitude factor. The place is also greenier and less polluted.
Here visitor can actually walk close to the crater of the volcano to feel and smell by ourselves..  the gases haha.
Rest assured. Your long and tiring journey is well paid off the moment you see the crater. Subhanallah!
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