Sabtu, November 07, 2015

Malaysia Truly Asia: Aquaria KLCC

Underwater world expirience!
This is my fourth visit to here but 1st time with my kids and self paid.
Aquaria KLCC as its name, located at KLCC (KL Covention Centre). Super easy to locate if you turn on your gps.
Entrance fee is RM 46/pax for adults. Kids below 3 yo is foc. Kids 3 to 12 is RM 32. Please note the price is for Malaysian ic holder and may change from time to time.
My last 3 visits were on weekend. This time we came on thursday at 540 pm. Very few people were around...crowdless. Thus our exploration became freeir. We can spend as much time as we wish at each and every exhibits.
The last 3 visits were ended at thier gift shop. However this time we were ushered to another exit route which brougth us to kids room where some coloring activity provided. The best thing about it is our kids final product will be scanned and uploaded into its virtual!
It also has cactus shop where they sell attractive cactus for those who love one. I dont but i found it interesting too.
As it close by 8 pm so we call it a day.....bai.
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