Khamis, Oktober 06, 2016

Go ASEAN: Krabi, not my cup of tea



What's so interesting about Krabi? personally I experienced an average  excitement during my last stay in Krabi for about 4 days and 3 Nights.

Twilight at Krabi

Me and wifey flew Air Asia direct to Krabi Airport. Medium size airport which about the same with Bintulu Airport. It has large, clean and comfortable Pray Room for muslim which is good. I think it could be better if the airport also provide free wifi.

Then we bought bus ticket priced 150Bath each direct to Ao Nang. Van and car are also available at higher price. We had to wait the bus fully seated before it departs to our destination. Bus is also big in size and thus it only use standard route hence took longer journey hour. Comparing to Taxi that we ride on our way back, it was much faster as it took many shortcut via small villages and orchids.

The bus will purposely send all passenger at 1 stop instead of Ao Nang Beach. At that stop, staff there will promote to you packages of activities available in Krabi. I wanted to cut short my time so I just bluff to them by saying I've pre book all my package online. From that stop, we have to ride local public transport (FOC) up to the hotel door.
Small truck from bus stop to hotel

We stayed in Apasari Hotel. Decent and nice hotel but not so new comparing to its neighbor. The hotel kindly upgraded our room for no reason, thank you! It has free wifi which only works on my Samsung but not on my wife I Phone hahahaha. Located at the junction between 2 main spots along Ao Nang Beach which to me very convenient. There are also many food stall at front of the hotel selling halal food with muslim cook and staff.

Apasari Hotel & Resort Krabi

Day 1

We spent some time at the beach which to me was not so impressive. The beach sand is not as clean as I expected and a bit smelly. Our Kemasik or Sura Beach are much better in that sense. Later we surveyed Island Hoping Package and ended up buying Phi Phi Island Package at 1600Bath for 2 person. The package covers 7 Island, 2 times snorkeling and lunch. Don't ask me about it as I was heavily suffered a seasick.....I cannot do anything other than throwing out.

Day 2

We bought Elephant Trekking package at 1700bath for 2 from the same agency. We got 100bath discount for being loyal hehe. Actually we like the staff who attended us, named Mint. She said she is a muslim lady from Pattani. She wore hijab on 1st day and free hair on the rest of the day that we were there hohoho.....Mint oh Mint

Before going to Elephant sanctuary, we 1st we took to Hot Spring. I cannot compare it with Sungkai as I never visit Sungkai. I'd visited one place in Bandung and to me Bandung hot spring is better especially when it comes to cleanliness.

After that we went to Emerald Pool. Okay this is my favorite place of all. Very far from Ao Nang Beach as it is at the other side of Krabi Airport but worth to visit. It has 3 pools, at highest point is blue pool (close that day for visit) from blue pool the water going down to emerald pool, superbly beautiful and clean. The water was not too cold which is comforting to swim in. Lastly the water going down to Crystal Pool before it went ahead into river.

Need to go, i'll resume later when time permits.

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