Sabtu, September 17, 2011

Syawal Diary

Happy Malaysia Day & Merdeka!

hmm back in office, i wrote Ramadan Diary for company web news. Here i extend the title in my personal blog to share my experience during this year Syawal. I choose to write in english language because it may avoiding me from being too melancholic as this Syawal was the most special Syawal in my life thus far.

This year raya theme for my family was purple! lucky for me bcoz i've baju melayu in so many colors in my closet, so i didn't have to buy a new one. Nevertheless, hehe i was still sourcing for it at Jalan Masjid India, Sogo, Jalan TAR up to Pasar Seni...but i found nothing that fit my tiny body or either my hugeeee taste :) usual, i ordered the same cookies from the same bakery since the last 5 years..n thiz yr i end up once again as the biggest spender without knowing. I bought almost every type of cookies offered on my table, not counting cakes, kerepek n other so called side dish eeee....

main menu on our table thiz yr....turkey! seriously Turkey...rendang to' turkey which was delicately prepared by my auntie. My mom cooked sambal kacang, daging masak merah and ofcoz ketupat. Me and nenek, jointly crafting ketupat daun kelapa for ourselves satisfaction (bcoz no one cares) xpela nek...

second day, i sicked of ketupat already so my mom cooked asam laksa and fried beehon..3rd day, i craving for nasi! nasi nasi nasi....with sardine je sob3 poor me.

Alhamdulillah, many came visiting our home thiz yr...relatives and friends, neighbor not really bcoz they too went back to their Kg rite?? i certain tht thiz yr was many than previous yr bcoz i ran out of my angpau allocation unlike before.

Due to that, i only have limited time to go out, only at night after isya'...where no more people come to our house...yet it was wonderful! i never thought tht i would had a chance to meet my old play mate from primary school..really enjoyed tht night where we gathered like those days under the surau at sek agama haha...i am grateful seeing that all of us have grown up and on our own way to be somebody insha allah...

Okay, i mentioned earlier tht thiz is the most special Syawal in my life thus far. Reason being, i got engage!! yes i am excited...thrilled perhaps! beyond words, i m on the moon till now heeee....i've "the ring" and she has it too. Nothing much to story about the ceremony, alhamdulillah it went well and smooth...minus some tiredness, tension total i am blessed!

Thus thanks a lot to my mom and the rest of my family members for being there for me and more. Countless thx to my twin friend, u know who u are...i think he was nervous more than me, he called me almost every single day prior to the ceremony just to ensure i've prepare everything properly. To Che Nor, hope you are reading this hehe...thx for the lovely deco and chocolate, i dunno how can i pay you back but certainly my pray is for you and your family. Dun forget ek, more deco deco deco...

To my in laws, thanks too for hosting such a meaningful ceremony, i appreciate every single tiny things u had done for our ceremony, especially after i'd watched "Father of the bride"

To my fiancee, enough talking la...i dun have to thx u here (malu) heeeee

now, more works need to be done for the day...i think 80% completed...i think :)

Begging for everyone to wish us the best and may our happiness last longer than our life...ameen
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