Khamis, September 29, 2011

Ziana Zain in me

salamZZ all...

Disclaimer: all are welcome to call me POYOs for this entry as i will become poyo sepoyo poyo nye..

i genuinely thought tht i can pretend cool n behave like i am not affected at all, but seriously i just can't get it out of my head! i keep thinking what am i doing here at home in Kerteh?? shouldn't i suppose to be in Esplanade tonite?? witnessing the greatest vocal performance of the nite by my lovely sister...Ziana Zain (the one and only)

since the last 15 years, i have no other favorite female local singer but her. It was all started during Juara Lagu 1996 where she eventually lost to the star in the making on tht time...Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. With due respect to Dato', i just feel that, Kak Ziana deserved to win the title. However, old story, case closed.

then i began collecting all of her albums...(pirate) because as a student with minor scholarship from JPA, certainly i can't afford to buy original version hehe...not to mention all magazines that featured her as cover story or pin up...proud enuf, i still have it in my collection until now....hundreds of them ! lucky me, my mom never object bcoz i had never ask her money :)

later in campus, the scholarship amount is "bigger" i bought all of her albums from Madah Berhelah to Aku regret. Again, not to count her compilation album, concert album and other special project of her. that time also, i started knowing Zianafolks tru online forum, hmm i can spend hours in computer lab, online...debating and protecting her in online forum. Obviously i was so immature that time, gaduh just bcoz of her heeeee

one crazy little thing i did tht time, i took train from JB to KL sentral at night and arrived at KL in the morning, i stayed/hang out at KL sentral waiting for her showcase at the afternoon...after the showcase, i took my train went back to JB and i safely arrived JB next morning, went straight to campus for my :) after all, i can't focus on my study should i chose not to go...for sure i can't perform in my exam when i cannot study. Note tht, i scored A in train la.

back to the showcase, wow unforgettable moment of my life. After more than a decade admiring her from far, finally i had a chance to see her before my blue dress, she looked gorgeous beyond word...unfortunately, we have no facebook that time, let alone camera fact i don't even have hand phone hahaha...still the memory glued strongly in my mind...

6 years later in 2008, i experienced second encounter with her. It was during AJL 23 semi final in which she contending her single entitle Dingin. She lost that nite but i don't care...zianafolks love her regardless of wht ever result, we so proud of her superb performance and to us, she is the ultimate winner. Miracle does happen, especially when it involves super diva like her...she went to final despite her lost.

I cried in the middle of Jakarta Metropolice during the nite of AJL 23...not bcoz she didn't win but bcoz i am not in stadium watching her perform live...

and tonite, instead of writing this piece of frustration...i should sing along in esplanade or just simply listening to her powerful voice....

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