Jumaat, September 30, 2011

Master of Ceremonies - Experience Sharing

Salam sejahtera...cewah tetiba begitu skema, bukan apa nak inline with the topic je.

Erm segan sebenarnya nak buat entry ni but since ramai yg bertanya and tak kurang juga ada yg pernah minta saya buat training bagi tips and kongsi pengalaman saya sebagai MC, maka saya share la skek2 apa yg sy tau, kalau ada yg berguna harap boleh jadi panduan...mana yg x praktikal tu harap boleh betulkan.

Honestly, i am not a trained MC..semua bermula masa darjah 4 dalam satu pertandingan Pidato antara kelas, masatu without knowing wht is Pidato all about, sy dgn slumber volunteered myself to represent my class, because no other taker maka cikgu bagi jela sy masuk....thx to my auntie who helped me to compose the text "masa itu emas" my 1st ever public speaking debut..

Though sy cuma jadi 1st runner up je tapi pengalaman tu cukup berguna, it tells myself and the rest that this boy can speak and he does it well. Ever since sy dpt byk ruang utk tampil di atas pentas bagi pelbagai acara...sy suka!

Alhamdulillah as of tonite saya dah hosting almost all types of function...ranging from formal to casual occasion, to name a few; corporate dinner, luncheon, wedding, talent show, party and even religious program heeee....my audiences vary from hi rank Gov officers such as cabinet minister, top management of companies such as President and CEOs down to the mass.

So many asked what are my secrets to be quite a good emcee considering my armature status, perasan skek la kan..tp it is common when people associating me with Pak Nil (i am honoured), my friend in Bandung call me Najib Ali (mujur bukan Azwan Ali) Okla tonite i admit that these two host have influenced me the most, i grew up by watching Asia Bagus and Pop Kuiz so what to do??

eh eh melalut plak, mana tips nye kan? sorry...

Basically to me, emcee is just not about stand in front and read the script. You are master of ceremonies and thus you should know the event flow and have control over it. Hence, most of the time, i prepared the script on my own based on agenda given by the organizer. That way, i can really control the program flow.

Say that u have no expertise to write the script, its ok...but pls to ensure that the floor manager is a fren of yours :)

Next, pls to rehearse...no matter how expert or how experience we are. People may think that i casually walk into the hall, grab the mic and start talking...because in many occasion, i dun even bring my script. Hell no! i did rehearsing my line dayssss before the program, i do it by talking in front mirror...

Generally, everybody will get butterfly struck...no doubt. Me myself will for sure shaking in the 1st 3 seconds....so saya amal doa yg semua org tahu...doa Nabi Musa. So far it works, alhamdulillah.

Masa in action tu, pls be flexible... i mean play be ears la, biggest mistake is emcee selalu bermonologue. Yes u have the script but you are talking to people so eye contact kena jaga, body language, gesture, ur voice tone, pitch and diction...in short, jgn syok sendiri :)

Act appropriately to the response of your audience...faham kadang2 acara formal memang a bit dry, tapi jangan make it worst by reading the script trough out the program...how? thts where knowledge plays a role. We must know the subject matters, enrich self with current info/news/fact etc so we can simply ad lib with eye wakening trivia depending on the mood...

ok, a bit when u have a partner (co host)...pls ensure you and your partner supporting each other. Jgn dua2 nak menonjol diri, sorang feeder sorang libas...gilir2 la. A good emcee will always makes his/her partner seems and sounds great.

Lastly, how we present ourselves lah, true kadang2 program kecik je, tp igt people are still looking and creating an image in their black box (marketing term), and normally it will lasting almost forever. So my advise, pakai la kemas2 and molek2...ada masa perlu tonjolkan karisma sebab kdg2 program tu 2 jam, sakit mata org tgk emcee ghupa macam x siap je. Cantik, kacak semua tu bonus and x penting...i mean presentable...sebab tu sy x setuju people call me metroseksual, i am not, in normal life sy pakai shirt, track bottom n sandal je...no metroseksual guy would wear that. I just dress accordingly to the occasion because i respect the organizer and the program regardless of it capacity.

sini dulu, utk general tips on MC...ada masa and jika ada keperluan saya share lebih specifik ikut jenis acara...maybe some sample of the script might helps too.

Maaf kalo ada yg rasa sy perasan ke apa...n these tips maybe only practical to me so pls take your risk hehe...

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