Rabu, Jun 27, 2012

Oh My Cubical !

Certainly semua org yang working in office has our own cubical, be it on island basis or stand alone. Often without knowing we do/say/see things that we are not suppose to while working, particularly within our cubical.
Hence, this time saya sekadar nak share etiquette at our office cubical. Honestly it wasn’t from me. I happened to found it while i was doing my reading on other topic (for my work). Cuma I’ve made few changes and adjustment in accordance to our local environment as well as my company procedure and policy.
Feel free to read and exercise which ever practical to your situation......  

1.       Seek permission to enter another person's cubicle unless you are invited.
2.       Don’t interrupt someone who is on the phone by using sign language or any other means of communication.
3.       Think twice before interrupting someone who appears deep in thought.
4.       Remember that speakerphones and cubicles don't mix.
5.       Don't discuss a confidential matter in a cubicle setting.
6.       Don't establish eye contact with someone when you would prefer not to be interrupted.
7.       Bear in mind that your cubicle is a direct reflection of you. Keep it neat and orderly.
8.       Stand up and walk towards the entrance of your cubicle when you would like an impromptu meeting short.
9.       Always hold yourself to a higher standard, no matter your job or your title.
10.    Don't borrow items from other mates in the office without letting them know.
11.    Respect the privacy of those around you. Don't read other workmates memos, notes or faxes.
12.    Practice good hygiene but please not in public. Hair brushing, eyebrow plucking, flossing etc. should be done in the rest room during your lunch hour.
13.    Avoid sharing office gossip. It hurts and could not even be true.
14.    Don't play music at your desk during business hours. If you have to, use a headset.
15.    You can place pictures of your family, friends and relatives on your desk, but limit it to 4-5 pictures.

                                                          Nice ha??

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