Khamis, Mac 19, 2015

JPO, Hello Kitty World, Chupcai Cafe and Creator Hotel...


Last story kan was about my trip to Sibu Island in Mersing. Okay from Jetty Tg Leman to Johor Premium Outlet is only about 1 hour and half driving time. Hence kami decided to pay a short visit to JPO instead of going home! Hahaha

This is our 2nd visit to JPO (1st was about 2 years ago). We noticed the outlets are pretty much the same like before with addition of few new outlet namely Saccor, Oroton and few others which I can’t recall, probably because the brand is not familiar to me.

We spent about 6 hours there…simply walked in into each and every outlet that we feel we want to look in. Most outlet were having super-duper sales at that time, up to 80% for some stores.

Later at night we went for dinner at Cupchai CafĂ© & Bistro in Bandar Baru Uda…near by Plaza Angsana or close to Jakel. The place to me is quite cool to chill out…it has “kacang pool” a must have menu once you are in Jb! We tried as well its mee rebus, tasty but not the best. Pricing wise is reasonable.

After that we checked in at budget hotel named Creator Hotel in Kulai…yaya one must wonder why on earth I travel from JPO to Bandar Baru Uda then travel back to Kulai where tomorrow morning I m going to Puteri Harbour kan??? Well JB is close to my heart and to me all those area are not so far to each other since all of them are well linked with a toll highway. Jalan2 lah…

About the hotel. I am highly recommending this hotel to all who want cheap stay at reasonable comfort. Located near by main road, big and tall building….easy to spot. Nice deco, very arty and creative actually…better than higher rated hotel in Malaysia. The room is spacious, 32 sqft. Its clean and new, open in year 2014. Price only RM 99 and you also get breakfast voucher at Old Town White Coffer for 2 person. Heaven!

After check out, we went to our ultimate destination of the trip…..Hello Kitty Town in Puteri Harbour. About 40 minits drive from Kulai, using google maps the place is easily located. Our daughter got so excited the moment she saw Hello Kitty character on the building wall and she cries…cries…cries wanted to go into that building huhuhu….

We paid RM 85 each for an adult (3 yrs and above). Below 3 yrs is free so both of our kids are FOC. That amount grant us an access to all theme parks. You may also pay RM 55 to enter only 1 out of the 2 theme park which are Hello Kitty Town and Play park which I forgot the name.

Btw, price stated is for Malaysian ic holder only. In Hello Kitty park you basically will do visit and activities while in the other park it is for games and rides….because I was too eager to try almost everything so we decided to take the combo package of both.

Hello Kitty world (HKW) is a perfect place for your girl lah…..all pink in color! Sort of Kidzania’s set up but the area is smaller hence has lesser activities. It has Hello Kitty house, craft making, biscuits making , photo booth, maze and word search, playground, giant cup ride and of course Kitty’s show at the centre stage.

At level 2….it has ballerina class, pinggu island games centre, bob the builder massive playground and several food stores.

At level 3….it is like indoor theme park in Berjaya Megamall. Just that the rides are less xtreme and suitable for small kids. I tried all but the bump car because at the time I want to play it no one want to play with me and thus no car to bump to huhu. It’s actually pretty fun not only for kids but for us the parents too especially one like me who are not dare enough to ride on any extreme rides in another theme park.

We spent about 5 hours in there and had to rush back home since our journey heading back is about 5 hours. Before that we had our late lunch at The lat’s Place….awesome restaurant in terms of decoration. The whole concept is about Budak Kampung cartoon series.

So that’s about the end of our short and adhoc trip to JB…..

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