Sabtu, Mac 14, 2015

Sibu Island Resort


Disclaimer: i am an indoor type of person.

Cuti sekolah datang lagi! This time kami sekeluarga berjalan ke Sibu Island Resort, Mersing Johor.

Journey from Kerteh is about 4 jam 30 minit drive. Ferry to Sibu Island stationed at Jetty Tg Leman Mersing but please don't get confuse with another Jetty to island located at the Mersing town. Tg Leman is farther than town...about 1 hour drive. Set your gps to kfc Tg Leman or Felda resort.

The ferry only depart twice perday from mainland to resort. 1130 am and 4 pm. Similarly going back to mainland at 10 am and 2 pm.

Apparently this island has only one resort which is SIR which i suspect the nearby islands have other resorts. Practically u had no choice to stay but here in SIR.

The ferry was quite large and able to accomodate 50 passengers at time. It tooks us 30 minits riding on the ferry before reaching our destination. U cant see the panaroma of the sea from inside ferry....pitty.

Once arrived....i really hope to be amazed. But tht wasn't the case. I think it is because i've been to mind have some sort of expectation. Comparing both is not an apple to apple but ya....i prefer Redang or even Perhentian.

Compare with Kapas....i guess it about the same in the context of its sand and water quality. Still i like Kapas more because in Kapas you can feel the island mood. Here just too big and to hilly...resort far from sandy beach...i can't really sea the white beach and turqoise sea water.

Went for snorkeling at the beach. Not going to sea park. Got jelly fish but not so many. On second day they prohibited us from snorkeling as they said jelly fish getting more....

There are several xtvt provided by SIR like moonlight walk...we went to see blue sand. Ok it is not a sand in blue color but it is a sea species kind of plankton live in a deep me it looks like firefly but in blue and green light which actually its blood.

Other than has junggle trekking which i don't try but i believe its fun because the track end up at the hill top. The have archery and flying fox facilities and typical beach xtvt such as banana boat etc.

Food wise...i have no complaint. Decent selection of menu...good taste and fresh materials.

The staff are mostly friendly...helpful and polite. The resort itself quite ok tho a little bit rundown but i am not really fussy about it because i know this is an island. Better than Kapas at least u have electricity and water supply all day and night.

Plus point about SIR is its open zoo concept. Tho not so many but ada peacock, deer, birds, goat....they live freely within the island vancinity and you can simply feed or touch them if u dare haha.

Thts all for now....babai

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