Sabtu, April 18, 2015

Bukit Gambang Safari World


Wht a tiring day!! Yet no regret as i have spent memorable time with my wife and kids in Bukit Gambang Safari World today.

We arrived about 1020 am. Many empty parking slot were available at the basement as i noticed most people prefer to park at the open area. The parking is free and has lift facility to bring us up to the entrance. 

Safari park shares same building with its water park. Currently it offers discounted entrance fee for malaysian at rm38 for adult. Kids above 90cm is rm 28. Normal price is much higher but i can't recall.

From main entrance...we took a short walk headed to its zoo is a 2 different building. Once we arrived, a lady greeted us and explained tht we have 2 options to further our exploration. 1st, we pay rm1 each to ride a tram direct to savvanah park. 2nd we may also walk all the way to savvannah park and take a tram ride from there to enter the safari.

We opted for option 2. We wanted to walk because we want to see every single possible creature in the park hehe. Lucky us, we brougth 2 strollers and enuf drinking water. Strongly advise all to do the same. 

Once we stepped in to the main park building, we saw a very big white lion. 3 of them...all sleep! Btw is not in the zoo yet...its a restaurant...we can dine while watching at the lion....only if the were not sleep. Btw, lion sleep 20 hours a explains.

The exhibition area is a brick building..not a typical open zoo area like zoo negara or bird park. If i remember correctly, it is 5 stories building which is homed to birds, monkeys, bears, kanggaroo and few other land animals.

Zebra is part of open safari habitant

Wild animal normally i see on tv...gnu. 


fastest animal on land...cheetah!

Lion ...neigbour to gnu

Bear in the main building...big and active...cute too!

The main building is also hold few shows day and nite. We only managed to watch bird show.

So thats about all!

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