Selasa, April 07, 2015

Holawest Dungun - Western galore!

Assalammualaikum & Holla!!

Looking for western food in Dungun?? well personally i would highly recommend to go to Holawest. Its not a fancy western restaurant like Crocs Farm in Kuantan (semi fancy hehe) in term of its premise. its just a simple "warong" or hut near by beach like any other local warong along pantai Teluk Lipat.

However it serves very fine western food which normally can be found in any established western restaurant. The common menu such Burger, Roti John, all sort of pasta, grill beef and chicken are available almost every day. In addition, they also have special menu which been change on weekly basis....a bit pricey than their every day menu and its all about luck haha

I do like their and unique taste. they mix carbonated drinks with fruit cordial and serve it in a jar instead of glass...i normally will share with my wife, RM 5 per jar.

For those who are coming from Kemaman or heading to UITM Dungun. After UITM you will reach T-Junction where by Hotel Uitm on your right, Golf course on your left and pantai Teluk Lipat at the front. Take left and drive straight for about 5 minits, drive slowly as the warong is located on the left side of the road without proper signage. At night, you have to spot "holawest" light sign in Red color.

Its normally open from Sunday to Thursday. Operating hour is from 6 PM onwards. I've only been there thrice, because most of the time that i came without calling them first....they were close! so better call them 1st at 0132516001.

Sorry i have no picture of the place or the foods because i've 2 kids so its not easy to handle them and thus no time to take photo haha

Btw, i am not the owner of Holawest, i don't even know who are them....i heard the owner is a lecturer at UiTM, teaching culinary.....make sense. I am just happy to share because to me they are such a fantastic cook!

So....hope its help and happy eating!
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