Khamis, April 30, 2015

Hari Graduasi (Graduation Day)

Year 2015 marks the 10th year of my 1st degree graduation day. Throwing back….rasa macam want to convo sekali lagi heee
Because at that time I was jobless, have enough money just to pay for the ceremony je. Bayar jubbah dgn scroll pun dah rasa mahal sungguh waktu tu. That belum nak kira bus fee travel from KL to Skudai, accommodation which sadly I and my whole family cuma afford to sewa student hostel je, not even budget hotel in nearby town. Itupun kami sewa semalam je walaupun aku kena dtg a day earlier, so malam pertama sampai Skudai tu just menumpang tidur dalam surau dekat cafĂ© building kolej 14….somehow tak sedih pun time tu sebab excited nak konvo punya feeling is above anything else. Keesokannya bila my family sampai (Mak, Nenek, Arwah Mak Long and Acik) barula check in to the hostel and ada bilik untuk bermalam……tido dlm sleeping beg on the floor je sebab katil cuma ada 2 hehe.
Actually tak rasa ralat for myself tapi kesian kat family je, dah la I am the only child so this is my mom very 1st and last graduation ceremony, tapi tak dapat beri nicer experience to her.
Pakaian pun baju melayu hitam je yang within budget, wanted to buy a suit too but no one to sponsor me. Looking at others so smart in their black suit, rasa so small and humbled…I should have had plan that in advance, put aside some of my scholarship for graduation kan, hmmmm
Having stated all of the above, I am grateful for that opportunity and always would like to reckon my graduation day as one of my life best moments though no one gives me a bouquet of flowers on that day hahaha…….move on Muhazam, move on!

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