Ahad, Mei 31, 2015

Jom cari kerja dan PTD

Misi mencari kerja sewaktu beberapa tahun pertama selepas bekerja dgn sykt aku sekarang ini tak pernah berhenti. 

Walaupun aku dah ada kerja stabil dan gaji yang berpatutan tapi lokasi di pantai timur ni jauh dari keluarga so I was still actively searching for job in Klang Valley.

Catalyst nya bilamana aku terima call dari sebuah sykt ni, he claimed that dia dapat profile aku from Jobstreets and berminat nk offer aku a position in his newly set up chemicals trading company. He is a mat salleh lah, dia ajak aku meet up kat Hartamas where its office plan to be located about. Aku pun pergi jumpa dia, its not an interview at all, dia jumpa aku sebab to explain what his company is doing and to convince me to be part of them. He was so serious about having me in his team, he is like the country manager for Malaysia and for that he needs to have his team 1st. 

Ok…to cut story short, I was not convince, too risky for me to left my well established company in order to join soon to establish company. Today I check, the company does exist and doing well as chemicals traders, good for them.

Next, i applied 1 job with a leading company in market research….Nelson Media. I name this company because I am the one who apply for the job. The chemical traders tu I prefer not to disclose sebab they approached me to join them. Again, the process pun much easier comparing to my job hunting expirience as a fresh graduate. The HR called me and did telephone interview je, soon sebelah petang she called again and said I am selected. She asked me to come to thier office to sign employment agreement. I did actually went to thier office in PJ. On that morning from my fren house in Shah Alam to PJ….i noticed that live here is not as easy as live in Kerteh. Transport hassle…expensive foods and house. Still I fulfilled my promise and I stepped into Nelson Media office. The HR brought me to meet my future manager, she later introduced me to the other office mate and lastly I met the GM (an English man too). 

I felt like i've started working tho I don’t even sign any agreement yet. Later I take a look at my offer letter, I refused to sign it straight away as I did not agree on certain terms, she said she will inform her boss and call me later. I went back but before I arrive Kerteh, she called and told   me that they are okay to give what I want and to match everything my prevailing company offers to me. Tempting kan? 

Considering the cost of living, I decided to stay with my current company. Job wise, I must admit that it is my dream job…I’ve been admiring the company since I was in campus as we student use a lot of thier research to support our assignment. 

Sometime you just have to sacrifice your interest in expense of future savings.
Still, aku tak stop2 gak cari kerja lain haha….macam tak reti bersyukur pun ada. Konon nak test market and cabar potensi diri, how far I can go.

Last aku mohon keje as PTD, cuba nasib nak jadi peg kerajaan pulak. Surela dapat panggilan kan, bukan offer job pun tapi call for exam je. Aku pun sekonyong-konyong pergi attend the exam….fuhhh 1 full day! 

Ada 5 paper, ngalahkan SPM! Semua paper in a day je. Ramaiiiii sungguh yang dtg, penuh dewan exam and rupanya bukan situ je pun pusat exam nye….1 Malaysia ada…damn! Punya la ramai pesaing. Tapi aku tekad jela, sebab exam based kan….kalo pass lepasla bukan ada quoata pun kot. Strategi aku senang je, sebab ada 5 paper kan, takkan la aku nk study and pulun semua paper, mana ada masa…kita dah kerja. So aku focus pada paper yang aku rasa best je haha. Aku assume macam ni, jawatan PTD ada banyak sector so kalau cemerlang paper A maybe suit for certain ministry, paper B another ministerial. Hence I don’t have to bother to excel in all 5 papers (teknik org malas). 

My strategy worked I guess, aku tak tension langsung and berjaya jawab semua paper dengan pantas (sebab x tau x jawab haha). 

Alhamdulillah, aku berjaya ke second round of selection which is a 3 days and 2 nights camps in INTAN kampus Kemaman. Serious, it was precious experience. I’ll do anything to have it once again if possible. Mereka bagi aku 1 bilik just me alone (macam hotel), ada yg kena share bilik berdua and berempat, my luck kot x payah share hihi….or dia memang tahu that akuni anti social??

Memula time prog briefing kat hall tu, lepas habes dengar briefing time Q&A, takde yang berani tanya soalan pun macam biasa. Boring pulak aku tengok kakak tu open the floor few times but still no taker so aku pun bangun and tanya soalan for the sake of nak memeriahkan suasana haha. Lepastu ramai pulak yang berani bertanya.

1st agenda was a meeting mock up. Kami dalam kumpulan kecil about 20 of us, given a situation (diplomatic issues between 2 nations) so kami as cabinet kena diskus the matter in that meeting la. 1st task is to appoint a chairman for that particular meeting. Again no one volunteer including me. Kena faham ek, aku bukan la orang yg proactive sangat and tak suka pun cari perhatian. Ntah nape tiba2 a Chinese lady spontaneously raised her hand and said she would like to nominate me as chairman! Wah3 ko angkat tangan bukan nk volunteer instead suka-suki nominate aku. Then yang lain pun macam dah plan setuju je dgn amoi tu punya proposal. Maka akupun terpaksa la jadi chairman, actually memang la dah biasa chair meeting simple2 kat office in my workplace tapi that night planned nak bagi peluang org lain tonjolkan diri as I think they need the job more than I do. Habes meeting tu aku tanya the amoi, why me?? Why u picked me??? She said because I only remember you maaa from the briefing session earlier today…owhhh huhu

Esok pagi activity bersifat fizikal, ada larian sejauh 15KM kalau x silap and mesti complete below 20 minit. Yang ni aku memang dah plan nk surrender, aku rasa again takyah nak score in everything…I am only human…cewahh. Tapi bila dah start lari and adrenanlin pumped, tetiba ko rasa nk beat everyone else and wanted to win so badly…poyo kan? Tak pasal2 la aku kepenatan and emerge and top 20 out of ratus2 gak tau hoho…

Later ada debate ala parlimen, aku as Kerajaan. Hmmm sekali lagi aku mohon ampun sebab debate ni memang kegemaran aku but not saying kepakaran ek…..gemar and pakar are 2 different things. Alhamdulillah, YDP suka aku and aku dipilih as best MP time tu. 

Next ada sidang pleno, topic pasal makanan segera je. Tapi was so draining sebab buat 2 round. 1st round in bahasa melayu and second round in English. Boringkan cakap bende yang sama tho is different language. Dahtu again ramai yang segan daripada yang berani bersuara, aku pun terpaksa main peranan as moderator walaupun takde watak macam tu. Bukan apa, aku nak make sure semua in that group dapat bersuara instead of been dominated by 1 or 2 single person je. That’s also made my life easier haha, aku takyah bagi my opinion pun sebab aku just lontar soalan je haha….sku tanya Mr B what do you think about it….Mr C do you agree or disagree, those kawan2 yang aku tengok diammmm je, kenala soalan aku and guess what they are brilliant! They have good opinion but just to shy to speak their minds.

From my performance, I pretty confidence la will be selected to the next round, true enough I did. 3rd stage baru interview, masa dating interview tengok semua orang pakai suit hitam and bawa buku panduan temuduga PTD, org chart kerajaan persekutuan etc. Aku pulak pakai kemeja dgn tali leher je and tangan kosong…ish manala aku tahu protocol semua tu, tak tulis dalam surat panggilan pun.

Bila masuk bilik temuduga, ada 2 org penemuduga, both ex peg tinggi kerajaan berstatus Datuk. Soalan pertama, kenapa tak pakai kot? Huhu. Aku jawab, saya takde datuk, sy nak beli tapi mahal…keje ni belum confirm dapat so takkan la saya nk bazirkan duit saya beli. Second soalan, kenapa apply keje ni, kan you dah ada keje yang stabil. My answer (rahsia). Soalan ke 3, bila boleh mula? Tu je the soalan, really sekejap and tak berbaloi kalau aku beli suit. Rasa tak dapat la ni sebab aku rasa aku paling sekejap dalam bilik temuduga tu and takde pun dia tanya siapa menteri pertahanan ke contohnya…takde!

Surprisingly, aku berjaya…tapi notice given too short, in 2 weeks nak aku lapor diri untuk diploma JPA apa ntah kat INTAN KL. Tak cukup masa nak tender resign, aku emel buat rayuan tapi tak dilayan so terpaksala aku lupakan je niat nak jadi PTD…sob3

Ever since aku jadi malas dah nak cari kerja lain sebab bila dapat pun bukannya aku boleh accept….

Kesimpulannya, as expirience hire….resume kita lebih laku than fresh graduate.
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