Jumaat, Julai 01, 2016

Ajam's diary: Facebook no more!


This is my 3rd attempt utk delete my Fb account haha

The 1st one lasted for more than a month. 2nd one lasted longer but apparently it was not a deletion, just inactivation which the account still there and will reactive once i log in which i eventually did. Both incident proved me that is not easy to stay away from Fb huhu

Hoping tht my 3rd time mission will be a success. 

I have no problem with Fb. I m okay with anyone who are active on it...your choice your right. I am leaving it because the problem is with my ownself. Hard to control what to share on Fb. I've strong tendecy to publish almost about all happening in my life which i know is not good. My privacy and family security are at stake when i am doing that....but the mechanisme on fb is so abc and making me simply upload anything i feel i want to.

I noticed some people even they have Fb but the rarely post anything. Thats good if i can emulate but obviously i can't. Hence the best and only way out for me is delete my fb account.

Best of luck Muhazam!
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