Jumaat, Disember 30, 2016

Penang part 1 - Reunion Heritage House & Nasi Kandar Beratur


Before 2016 melabuhkan tirai, let me blog my last entry for this yr....Penang trip experience.

I'll skip the journey part because that you can read in my previous post.


This is where we stayed for 3 nights
From outside it looks like simple budget hotel in old renovated 1 storey building. My 1st impression like demn i have been cheated by room picture seen on booking.com

However once i step into the building. I found that the deco inside is very beautiful, modern with some classical touch. In fact, it is actually a 2 storeys building heigh and 3 shop lot long to the back. I was surprise when i have to walk quite far to my room from the lobby. Our room was on second floor at the 3 building block of the entire building. Each block secured by autolock passing door and only guest with valid key can pass thru it. 

The bathroom in our room. Certainly at par with any 5 stars hotel i have been to.

First Night in Penang..

Based on google map, kami dapati bahawa nasi kandar beratur is about 10 minit je jalan kaki from our hotel. So we decided to give it a try. Dalam perjalanan dr victoria street tu kami jumpa Masjid Acheh, street art and the famous masjid kapitan keling. Rupanya our hotel tu betul-betul located at centre of attraction. 

Nasi kandar beratur ni exactly sebelah masjid. Bila sampai kami anak beranak dengan penuh keterujaan terus sama2 beratur untuk beli makanan. Tak ramai pun orang so que tak panjang. Sambil makan sembang2 dengan wifey that i tak rasa anything special about it. Sedap cuma tak kick pun...nasi vanggey ipoh much more appealing to my taste. Then we continued eating. Suddenly i realized that Nasi kandar beratur cuma open from 10 pm onwards. It written on the shop signboard. Then i looked at my watch, its only 830 pm. I read the small signboard at place where i qeu earlier....it written nasi kandar masjid! Haha

After we done...1 chinese couple came to our table and asking me...this is not nasi kandar beratur right? We just realized it they said...no wonder it tasted so average. I laught and told them that me too just realized it. 

Dengan rasa hampa kami balik bilik jela malam tu. Lucky ada street art. So dapatla compensate the feeling dengan bergambar. At nite that hour hari khamis...no crowd at all....u r free to take as many picture as u wish.

I stop here this time and will continue when i have time.

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