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Sekolah harian biasa pun bagus!

Assalammualaikum readers..

What’s wrong with daily school? Nothing right??
I said so obviously because I myself is a product of daily school. Okay let me be clear with this writing, I’ve nothing against boarding school.  In my current workplace, I am surrounded with colleagues who are boarding school leaver.  In fact I am also married to one…my wife went to MRSM for 5 years.

I am noting this just for a reason that I wanted world to know daily school also has good value and quality, yes boarding school is probably the best but the world doesn’t end there guys! Especially parents. Many push their kids to excel in UPSR so they can enter boarding school, if they don’t some parents acted like that poor kids life has ended.

To me, true that school has some influence over our achievement but above all is our self. If we study hard and smart, no matter which school we go..we shall succeed.

Being an average performer in UPSR and PMR, I did not qualify to enter any boarding school. Well I have never apply pun because I know I will not selected. I continued my secondary school at daily school in my home town with happiness haha…

After PMR most of my malay friends who did well moved out to boarding school. Hence it left me and the others Chinese student who had no choice but to stay even they score straight A’s in PMR. I was average but not too far behind, I just need a little booster to excel which I have actually never boarder about.

With me being among the only hope of the school for SPM, I can sense that the whole bunch of attention is given freely without me asking for it. Will I get that kind of attention in boarding school? Probably never!

I took 10 subjects for SPM. That time we were not allowed to take more than that and even if we were allowed, I surely fine with the 10. I struggled to find the 10th subject however. My art teacher refused to allow me to take that subject for SPM, he said I will fail miserably. Okay fine. Lucky me that my school managed to get one new subject provided we have minimum 15 students joining. 

After few months, the class able to started, Tassawur Islam is the new subject to the school. I was among first 20 students from SEMENSA who learn and take the subject for SPM, we are the pioneer and I think SEMENSA history should record that I am the 1st student from that school who scored A1 for that subject hahaha…

Out of 10, I was really bad in Math and English. I’ve never pass my Math paper in examination and only barely pass my English paper. That worry my school the most, I cannot enter any University if I fail Math and BI even I got A in other subjects. Hence, the school gave me special Math class with experience teachers. I have 3 separate extra classes for Math alone with 3 different teacher. 1 to tackle my foundation (form 1 to 3), 1 to cover form 4 and another 1 to cover form 5 syllabus. I am really thankful to my school for that effort which why I love my school very much. Alhamdulillah i passed my math paper and 1st time I got B!

Being in daily school also had given me abundance of opportunity to represent my school in various numbers of inter school competition but sport obviously haha. I remember a teacher from neighboring school commented “awak lagi?” whe she saw my very familiar face representing my school hehehe. Out of many, we won Forum Remaja at district level by beating 3 boarding schools and few others daily schools. That was awesome!

Though I am not good in sport, my school gave me important role as secretary to my sport house as to ensure my school certificate will look ideal and complete. I was also appointed as Bahasa Melayu club’ President without me being the club member, funny kan? In the same time I was actually elected as Persatuan Agama Islam’s President which i’ve been with since form 1. Hence BM club had to select another president. Again it shows how lucky you are being in daily school.

Other than that, my school population ratio was quite balance between Malay and Chinese. All principals during my time were Chinese too, so we learnt to live harmoniously across races and become more competitive. We accept fact that Malaysia is belongs to no specific race from young age. We share this nation and together we protect this beloved nation no matter how bad the Prime Minister is now …ops!
my beloved school


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