Selasa, Mei 01, 2018

Produk review: Philips Steam Iron


Okay this time aku nak share my feedback on the most famost Philips Steam Iron after have been using it for about a month.

Most review kita dengar from wanita je kan, so aku nak bagi my point as husband pulak la haha because i do my own and my kids...sometime if wife super letih, baju dia pun aku tolong la press.

Unbox the impression wooo it was so big! Not the iron but the whole set which include the water tank. Bagitau wife mana muat ni yang letak atas iron board kita...wifey replied saying that philips will hantar special iron board too but so rasa berbaloi gak beli sebab dapat free iron board hehe

Try pasang and super easy...nothing too mechanical about it. Follow arahan lepas on tu..about 2 minit the heat is ready for pressing.

Betul ke hasilnya sangat wow? Hmm to me if u are talking about faster time...yes it is. For my kids punya uniform tadika memang takes shorter time because i only need to press on 1 side. For my pants pun yes the same.

But for shirt espcially the cheap cotton like mine mostly haha...hmm it still require long time to get my desired result. I was expecting less effort and time and hoping for some magic touch by almost not doing anything haha....i am a lazy one haha

Steam pressure memang kuat but it also produce significant noise which according to some is already improved from previous model.

Electric consumption...have not measure it yet but i don't think it has tremendous impact.

The plate really non sticky and has not burn any material yet tho i let it on for long time. It also adjust the heat automatically based on type of fabrics and will turn off automatically when put on idle for 10 minutes.

Overall i have to be happy la sebab dah beli mahal and bukan boleh return pun...not to impress perhaps due to my expectation which is so high and maybe gak aku memang before that was using normal iron yangbada fungsi result dia sama je pada aku.

Suka hati masing masing la ye nak beli ke idok...

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