Khamis, Disember 10, 2015

Go ASEAN: Ho Chi Minh live update!

Malas nak tulis banyak so layan jela gamba ye. Pakai phone so susah sikit...susunan gamba pun jd tunggang langgang.

Listening to a traditional song while eating local planted fruits by mekong farmers.

Last before we end our trip. Row row row the boat! Then we tried honey tea at bee farm.
Poney ride at phoenix island.
We were at phoenix island. 1 out of 4 island in upper mekong river. We learnt how do they produce coconut candy.

Rest area before Mekong boat trip. Nice place with green surrounding.
Nite view of HCM city.
Here we are! Staying in Than Thu hotel. Bajet hotel located at Malaysian street. Extremly close to Benh Than market which u can see at the end of this picture. Many halal restaurants but pricey.
Btw, 7 million motorist on HCM city's road so be careful as they ride with no proper rules.

Note: kami ke sini dgn pakej Fahmi. Kat fb dia ada details. Very cheap and dia pun baik.

Note: trip ke mekong river plak kami amek on d spot je lepas sampai sini. Bismillah Tours. Ada depan hotel ni je kedai nye. Stakat yg kami usha this 1 the cheapest and offer complete pakej. Rm60 seorang dewasa. Bersih for transport to and fro. Boat ride, poney ride, sampan, makan buah, minum madu and lunch at halal restaurant.
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